Answer some common questions about your blog, business, or product

Getting some of the same questions from your customers? Answer that question in a blog post to help get that question answered before they contact you!

Here are some idea to help you get started:

  • put together a “getting started” guide
  • explain what you mean when you say it’s organic
  • show how your metalworking differs from others
  • subtly make it apparent why your prices are higher than mass-produced work
  • share info about the charity organizations you support
  • do an “ask the readers” roundup
  • explain the different materials people can choose from
  • show how the different sizes work in the kitchen
  • point out the differences between two similar products
  • explain how to clean or maintain a product
  • show some ways to use your product
  • show how different color combos look for personalized products

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